How to make Xavier NX into recovery mode with JetsonNano carrier board

I am using xavier nx with nano carrier board,is there any way make it into recovery mode.


Not quite sure if this is the “correct” solution but this seem to work for me:
Take a look at the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification (
Note the Automation Header J50, located underneath the chip, on the side opposite to the USB etc. It has 12 Pins, Pin 1 is the nearest to the ethernet-port.
Make sure that the NX is turned off and not connected to the PC. Connect pin 9 and 10 on J50 (either by a jumper or by a button that you press done), connect the mini-USB to the host-PC, then remove the connection between pin 9 and 10 (i.e. remove the jumper or release the button). You might want to make sure that the green power-light is on before you do that.

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Thank you, j.ogniewski

Your solution is good for my case.