how to get a (full) shell access?

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i got a sx series switch (Ethernet Switches) and a particular (Virtualization for Infiniband and Ethernet) use-case demands that a full shell be accessible to download (inject) certain scripts / binaries to run locally on the box. wondering if it’s possible to get a full (bash) access to allow this?



Hi Girish,

Can you share the use case mentioned in your question?

It’s not possible to get bash access to the switches.

thanks very much for following this up!

my use-case is of SDN. we’ve a lightweight controller agent, that can be dispatched on a switch itself, to double it as a controller. we’ve been testing this scenario on various Linux based switching platforms and are evaluating MLNX switch platforms for this purpose. in order to dispatch our agent and it’s dependencies we’re at the mercy of the switch platform!

if i understand it right, MLNX switches support BGP by integrating Quagga. if we’re to do something similar – are we allowed? if so what’s the way? after bit of a google search, came across this posting (from somebody at EMC), where they tried to run a uboot + Linux on a similar MLNX switch. but seems that exercise either went nowhere. any help?

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Hello Girish

If I understand your requirement correctly, I think this requires SDK access. While this is allowed, we do require and NDA and SDK related training so you can develop your own protocol stack.

I would be happy to put you in touch with the right team, Can you please reach out to me at ? Drop me a note with a detailed description of the requirement and the business case and we can take it from there.