How to get access to the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program

I’m trying to access to the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program.
I sent email to DRIVE Platform, but i haven’t got any reply
how can i get access to the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program? or is there any request form?

Hi ms_oh,
May I know if you have purchased Drive PX2. If you are interested to purchase, please PM me with your company details. If you already have procured Drive PX2, Please PM me your account details

We’ve purchased Drive PX2 and we also have NDA

Dear ms_oh,
Can you please share your Login ID and company details in a private message. I will look into it

Dear ms_oh,

Can I get the DPX2 board serial number? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thanks and i sent a PM.
Could you check it pls

Dear ms_oh,

Sure, let me check and will update the progress. Thanks.

Hello, I would like to apply for the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program, however my application was rejected because I used my private email address for, and I can’t change my email to my corporate email in the profile on

I also can’t create a new account, because on I already registered with my corporate email address and this account is already associated with my developer account.

Please help!