How to get docker-ce on on Jetson AGX Orin Developer kit?

I have a Jetson AGX Orin Developer kit running the default ubuntu 20.04 distribution.
I got docker installed via Nvidia Jetpack (5.0.2), but
it insists on installing the old instead on the newer docker-ce.

All resources I can find online seems to indicate that it infact should use the docker-ce package, but it doesn’t on my setup. It doesn’t even show up when I list the apt packages available for installation. My /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list has these two entries:

deb r35.1 main
deb r35.1 main

What am I missing?

I managed to fix it myself by following these steps:

  1. uninstall the nvidia-jetpack package (it might be enough to uninstall nvidia-docker2, but I did not try that)
  2. Add the official docker repository, but make sure to target it to ubuntu 18.04 “bionic” instead of 20.04 “focal” in order to stay compatible with the NVIDIA Container Toolkit repositories that are just symlinked to 18.04 (according to Installation Guide — NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies documentation)
  3. re-install nvidia-jetpack

Glad to know issue fixed, thanks for your sharing!

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