How to get Jetson_TX1_customer_pinmux_release.xlsm?

In another document “PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE DA_07839-001 | March 8, 2018” ,
It says

“If your board schematic differs from that for Jetson™ TX1 Developer Kit carrier board,
you must change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.”

To define your board’s pinmux configuration, you must obtain
Jetson_TX1_customer_pinmux_release.xlsm from NVIDIA and customize it for
the configuration of your board using the following procedures.

I searched it from nVidia website, but I can’t find it.

Pls kindly help.

Hope this is not a stupid request …


Hi chrischang0921,

All design documents can be downloaded from Jetson Download Center:


I tried to search by “Jetson_TX1_customer_pinmux_release.xlsm”.
but it says “No downloads meet your criteria. Filtering by “Jetson_TX1_customer_pinmux_release.xlsm”.”

Did I do something wrong?

Here is the direct link:

On the downloads page, it is listed as “Jetson TX1 Module Pinmux”.