NVidia Jetson TX2 devkit Gpio


I’m considering Jetson TX2 as a platform for my project.

From what i see here http://www.jetsonhacks.com/nvidia-jetson-tx2-j21-header-pinout/

We have only 5 gpio accessible from J21 header - is there a way to get more ? I’ve found the pinmux excel but there’s very little on how to work with it or how the pins are handled on the board. I need read write gpio’s - i can work around different voltages.

Thank You for Your help in advance!

The module can be put on other carrier boards. There are several third party boards which might have more GPIO available. I can’t recommend any in particular, I only use the dev board. If you are looking for recommendations from other people who have looked for different I/O setup you would have to give more details of what kinds of signals and how many you need.

Hi! Thank You for the anwser. I would need 10 in and 10 out pins simple logical 1 and 0 jetsons controls the readout clock. Is an SPI to a microcontroller something i should look into? different carrier board might get expensive.

There are several people using i2c or SPI. I couldn’t tell you how well this will work, but if you have a description of requirements such as data rate and whether latencies can be tolerated I’m sure someone who has dealt with this could add more to the answer. I suspect this will do what you want, I just can’t guarantee it.

Something that is in line with current state of let’s say Raspberry Pi 3 B.

Hi, you can check the pinmux sheet to find out which pins on J21 can be configured as GPIOs.

Hello Trumany - where can i learn how to work with the pinmux? I don’t have my jetson yet - it’s on it’s way. Important for me would also be up to how many ports on J21 i can use as GPIO’s - can you please guide me?

Please download the pinmux sheet from download center http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx2-module-pinmux , and check the pin settings related to J21 in the sheet to find out which pins could be configured as GPIOs then press button of Generate DT file in the sheet to generate DT file.

Hello Trumany - on what section should i look - AUDIO, AUDIO_HV(3.3V Capable)… etc. What column denotes that this should be a gpio. Is there a documentation for the pinmux?

Column G to K are Pin Muxing options, check them first and then you can set pin function in ‘Customer Usage’ column accordingly.

adding link as a helpful resource from other conversation https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1001584/jetson-tx2/gpio-pinmux/
Will keep investigating - but we’re close. Thank You for the help.

Section 3.2 describes the pinout of J21 header 3.7 describes the pinout of J26 header


even when this is for tx1 - it’s still relevant for understanding tx2