Tx2 GPIO Number


Following this guide [url] https://www.jetsonhacks.com/nvidia-jetson-tx2-j21-header-pinout/ [/ url] I have the numbers of the gpio of the first bench. I would like to know what is the gpio’s number of the second bench.


What do you mean bench?

The second slot of the gpio.

Find the carrier board specification and pinmux for the detail from download site.

The term “bench” is making it difficult to understand the question. Are you speaking of a row of connector pins? A particular physical pin? A particular controller?

yes, i think the row of connector pins. the name on the tx2 developer kit is GPIO expand 1 and GPIO expand 2. I would like to know the numbers of the singles pins on the GPIO expander 2


That would be header J26. You will be interested in the “Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification”. Search here:

However, I don’t know of a diagram for directly converting GPIO number from “/sys” to GPIO number as shown in the carrier board pin description. You might be interested in this:

You might also want to explore the PINMUX spreadsheet (reason listed below):

I don’t know if this is still accurate, but some time back this worked:

- Look up GPIO name (e.g. "GPIO8_ALS_PROX_INT") in TX2 pinmux spreadsheet.
- Note pin name (e.g. "GPIO_PI4"). Port is "I", pin number is 4.
- Look up the port and its group in tegra186-gpio.h (e.g. "I" => 8 in main group).
If the group is "main", offset is 320.
If the group is "aon", offset is 256.
- GPIO export value is group + (port * 8 + pin) (e.g. 320 + (8 * 8 + 4) = 388)

yes it is j26.

thanks a lot