how to get mips, miss cach

Hello evry body,
i really very happy to see that two week ago the was a 0 message in this forum “debugging and profilng”, and now like we see it’s great, continue like this.

but this not my question :-))
i have a program that i profile with the line mode Mprof=line and i use a pgprof to analyse the result, i a get the result “good”.
my question where or how can i find this follwing values :

MIPS “million instruction per second” or the total number of instruction exectuted in the program.

number of cache miss in the program .

and other memory information.

CPU time

i am reading the docuemntation, and until now i didn’t find any thing, but i hope that i will get some thing soon.

thank’s advance.


Hi Saad,

For this level of profiling you need to use hardware counters. Provided your system has PAPI installed (See: you can add “-Mprof=hwcts” to your compilation. Please refer to section of the PGI Tools Guide for more information.

If you do not have PAPI, you can also try AMD’s CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer, or OProfile.

  • Mat

thank’s mat,
but the papi library need a patch to the kernel “perfctr” and i can’t do it to the server, i am a simple user “i am not root”, “i do it the last year with papi with little server”.
i will try oprofile