Jetson orin performace profiling

I am trying to profile Jetson Orin CPU/GPU performance (e.g. MIPS, IPC…), ideally to be able to collect PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit) counters. Followed the topic (how to get mips, miss cach) and tried with suggestion (PAPI), but it seems all perf_event events are disabled with PAPI there:

Compiled-in components:
Name: perf_event Linux perf_event CPU counters
-> Disabled: Error libpfm4 no default PMU found
Name: perf_event_uncore Linux perf_event CPU uncore and northbridge
-> Disabled: No uncore PMUs or events found
Name: sysdetect System info detection component

Active components:
Name: sysdetect System info detection component
Native: 0, Preset: 0, Counters: 0

the Nsight (nsys-ui) can give some information but not at the hardware counter level, any suggested performance profiling tool (either on host PC or on Jetson target)?


Have you checked the Nsight System?


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