How to Ignore alpha?

My baker includes both an alpha channel specifying where there was no contact in UV space with a high poly mesh, as well as high quality dilation samples in the XYZ channels where the alpha is set. Sometimes I want Texture Tools to use Alpha as a mask, but not always. Unfortunately my baked doesn’t appear to have an option not to export with alpha, and I don’t see an option in Texture Tools to ignore alpha. Could this be added as new flag setting?

Hi @jesse.r.meyer! Assuming I’m interpreting the question right, there’s two ways to discard the data in the alpha channel – one is to use the Swizzle effect with “Set A to 1”:


and the other is to set the scale for alpha to 0.0 and the bias for alpha to 1.0:


If you want to mipmap the image but have the mipmapping logic not mix in the alpha component, uncheck “Mipmap Options > Premultiplied Alpha Blending (Alpha is Transparency)”.

Hope this helps!

Great, thanks! I knew of both of those features before but it never occurred to me to use them here.