How to install ML framework like Anaconda etc on Jetson nano 2gb

In order to work on ML algorithms, do I have to install Ananconda ,Tensorflow and Keras on Jteson nano.How to upgrade python 2.7 (which is by default there) to puthon 3.x

Hi @nisar.bukhari, the official Anaconda isn’t available for ARM (aarch64 architecture), however you may find some ports in the community like this one: Anaconda for Jetson Nano

Regardless, you don’t strictly need Anaconda to install ML frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, ect. Please visit the Jetson Zoo page for instructions on downloading and installing the pip wheels for these ML frameworks:

You can also run pre-built Docker containers for the ML frameworks, which can be quicker to get up & running since you don’t need to install the software (instead just downloading the container). Those are also found on the Zoo page here.

Ubuntu 18.04 comes with both Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 available. Run python3 from the command line to start a Python 3.6 interpreter or run a script. If you wish to change the alias so that python runs Python 3.6 for you, see this post: