How to integrate WebRTC rendering in own application


we are integrating Omniverse into out product configuration solution. And until now we used websocket streaming. But now we would like to switch to WebRTC for the final version.

We tried to “reverse engineer” the WebRTC sample provided with kit/create. But with no luck until now.

Would it be possible to provide a sample, that…

…can be integrated in an existing application (no changing of the url etc.)
…allows us to specify the server and port etc. to allow us to target one of many streams that are provided by one render server

Something like an SDK (reuqired js files, and small samples) would be helpful.

thanks a lot


I think one of the problems here is, that the kit-player.js does only work, when it comes directly from the http-server inside of create.

My web project (where I would like to integrate the player) runs on localhost:7042. Create hosts the extension under localhost:8111. When I call the setup method inside of from my web-app, then I get an error " cannot be reached". Of course… because it should be port 8111 (from create).

So I don´t think that the sample that is currently provide would run outside of creates own http-server as a separate web application…

Now I`ve changed the URL inside of the kit-player.js to the host and port of create. But now I get a cross origin error, because my webapp is running on its own webserver…

how can I set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to * in kits http-server?

Hey Carl. I just replied here: How to integrate WebRTC-Streaming on the client side

I think that covers this topic here too.

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