How to integrate WebRTC-Streaming on the client side


we would like to integrate WebRTC-Streaming into the client of our own application.

We had a look at the sample client that is provided by the extension. But of course, we want to integrate the stream in another way (different layout, auto start the stream, video only, use different port, specify the server in another way than as a query parameter etc.).

But we cannot find any information about how to do that… and trying to adapt the minified version that is provided by the sample client extension is a little bit hard and results in an unstable solution.

Can you provide more details about how to integrate the WebRtc-Streaming?



Hey Carl. Checking with the dev team on this.

Here’s what the dev team said:

The code of the WebRTC client is unfortunately proprietary to NVIDIA and not open-sourced, which is the main motivation for not making it readily-available to Users. Some customization around the player is possible by following the sample provided within the player page, but the core is not readily-available.

Hi mati,

that is a big problem for us because we are working for over a year now on an omniverse based solution that has the goal to provide high end visualization to our customers through server sided rendering + streaming.

Is it possible to provide us some help to get the webrtc-streaming up and running for a non-passthrough-scenario? When connecting a hostname instead of an ip-address the client requires an authentication handler. But we have no clue how to implement this…

In parallel I will contact some nvidia representees I know… perhaps they can help…



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