[How to] Jetson Nano module pinmux config (p3448-002, b00) L4T R32.3.1


I’m developing using the Jetson Nano module.

I need spi communication, so I am revising it by referring to the ‘Quick Start Guide’.

I’m making changes by reference to the ‘Quick Start Guide’ because I need spi communication.

Where should I copy the U-Boot pinmux header file?

source\u-boot\board\nvidia\p3450-forg → Is this the right?

The folder seems to be Nano Devkit.

Please let me know if you have any data to reference for the change.

I’m sorry that I’m not good at English.

Unlike other board settings, there is no import of pinmux header files.

e.g.) #include “pinmux-config-p2571.h”

In addition, can I flash to the emmc without rootfs?

You could use Jetson-IO tool directly which is easier to get hands-on.