How to keep some partitions from erasing when flashing Jetson-nano's eMMC with

Hi, nvidia.

We need to retain the data on some partitions when flashing Jetson-nano’s eMMC via the script of

And we found that all partitions would be erased during the flashing process.

How to keep some partitions from erasing when flashing Jetson-nano’s eMMC with

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Unfortunately, there is no function to support whether some partitions could be preventing from erasing.

You can do backup before running the

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One thought on this: If you were to take the content of all of those partitions (without signature) and replace the content in the flash software (those partitions have binary files in place, and if flash parameters are set, then those binary files are signed and flashed), then your version of that partition would get flashed. Assuming the content is the same, then other than perhaps the signature, this would be the equivalent of leaving those partitions alone.

I suggest you create a log during flash on command line as a reference to see what gets flashed where. Example:
sudo ./ jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p1 2>&1 | tee log_flash.txt

Thank you very much for your reply and I’ll try this.

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