The user data partition was erased

Hi all,
I created a new partition CFG to store user config data in this way such as below page:

But,when I packaged firmware with script, and then burned with ,i found that my partition data was erased and cfg data was gone.

So,How can I keep my config data partition from being erased by burned.

hello zndxwjun,

may I know your commands to perform nvmassflashgen, did you use the customize cfg file?

i use commands to build firmware such as below:

function BuildPkg()
export PACK_PATH=$BUILD_ROOT/project/

pushd $PACK_PATH > /dev/null
export BOARDID=3448
export BOARDSKU=0002
export FAB=400
export FUSELEVEL=fuselevel_production

$SUDO  ./ fw.tar.gz jetson-nano-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1
popd > /dev/null


hello zndxwjun,

please see-also Topic 168311.
please check EEPROM for the board information, you may check it via i2c, i.e. $ sudo i2cdump -f -y 2 0x50

Thanks, do I have to add eeprom to save user data?

hello zndxwjun,

did you modify the Nano’s default xml file, or you have a customize xml file to define your partition layout.
could you please try the normal for flashing, are you able to see your user defined partition?

hello JerryChang,
I modified the xml, my partition is normal and mount succeed, and I can see my defined partition data, but the problem is, my partition be erased by upgrade.

hello zndxwjun,

please review the xml file created by mfi_<device_name>.tbz2 package. is this include your defined partition data?

hello JerryChang,
i reviewed it. my partition exists but it was formatted and the partition data was gone, i found that the upgrade will erases all partition information

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hello zndxwjun,

what’s your step in detail, did you have apt upgrade in your process?

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