How to let Gst-nvmsgbroker send the result of Gst-nvdsanalytics?

• Jetson Xavier AGX
• Deepstream 5.0.1
• Jetpack 4.4
• deepstream-occupancy-analytics

I want to let Gst-nvmsgbroker send the data generated by Gst-nvdsanalytics. Is there any simple way like using configuration files to do so? Or I should modify the source code?

Current deepstream-app sample can enable nvdsanalytics and broker with config file. But there is only sample of sending NV customized message to server. If you want to send nvdsanalytics output through nvmsgbroker, you need to customize your own msgconv to convert the nvdsanalytics output to your customized message.
gst-nvmsgbroker + nvmsgbroker and gst-nvmsgconv + nvmsgconv are all open source. You can refer to the codes.

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