How to link and include PhysX 4.0 Extensions Library?

EDIT: Did not know to post questions on the Github repo directly.
EDIT 2: Got an answer to this question on the Github repo:

Hey there,

I am including the PhysX 4.0 SDK into my C++ opengl project, but I cannot use anything from the PhysX Extensions library like PxDefaultErrorCallback or PxDefaultMemoryOutputStream because I need to include the Extension library first. The problem is I cannot find the PhysXExtensions32.lib and its DLL in any folder of the PhysX SDK that I have compiled myself.

I could find a static library called PhysXExtensions_static_32.lib, but when linking against this library I get this error:

error LNK2038: mismatch detected for 'RuntimeLibrary': value 'MT_StaticRelease' doesn't match value 'MDd_DynamicDebug' in file.obj.

Is there a way I can get the Extension libaray as Multithreaded-Debug-DLL (/MDd) instead of a Multithreaded (/MT)?

I link against these libraries:

  • PhysX_32.lib
  • PhysXCommon_32.lib
  • PhysXCooking_32.lib
  • PhysXFoundation_32.lib

I redistribute these DLL files:

  • PhysX_32.dll
  • PhysXCommon_32.dll
  • PhysXCooking_32.dll
  • PhysXFoundation_32.dll
  • PhysXGpu_32.dll

Any help would be really appreciated!