Physx 3.3.2 uses static runtime library. Won't link with my project.

I can link with 3.3.1 just fine because I assume you are using the dynamic c runtime library like my project and all of the other libraries I link with. So if you could please change to the dynamic runtime so I can actually update to the latest version I would really really appreciate it. I really need to update in the next week if that’s possible.

Here is the error I’m getting:

mt_staticrelease doesn’t match value md_dynamicrelease - PhysX3Extensions.lib
and I think it was PhysXProfileSDK.lib too.

I don’t know for sure because I already switched back to 3.3.1


Am I the only one trying to use 3.3.2? How does no one else have this problem? Are there going to be any solutions to this in the future? Because right now i’m stuck with 3.3.2 and it looks like there will never be a solution. Also why are these forums soo dead? Does anyone from the PhysX team even read these? How else are we supposed to report issues and get solutions?


No, I also tried to use it, but they only provide binaries for VS2012, not for 2013. And 2013 is now out for more than a year. HELLO? Why is there no support? Had to switch back to 3.3.1.

I build applications using VS2013 and PhysX-3.3.2 or PhysX-3.3.1. There is no problem using the PhysX libraries with VS2013. Please post more details about the problem you encountered with VS2013.

Regarding CRT, please see the following note in the User Guide. I don’t think anything changed here from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2, so I don’t know why you would suddenly encounter problems that didn’t exist in 3.3.1. If you have more specific details, please post them.

At a minimum, applications need to link against the following libraries with the appropriate platform extension (e.g. “.lib” or “.a”) and with * being a x86 or x64 for Windows platforms:

The static libraries we provide with the Windows binary distribution are linked against the Multi-Threaded static C Run-Time (CRT) libraries. This means that your application must also use the same CRT flavor. If you need to use a different CRT version, you must upgrade to our source license. The source distribution can simply be recompiled using different CRT settings.

For PhysX3Extensions, PhysX3Character, PhysX3Vehicle, etc., you can rebuild the libraries using the solution found in \PhysX-3.3.2_WINDOWS_SDK_Core\Source\compiler.

I built the libraries using Source\compiler directories but I still do not see the PhysX3Extensions library. Should I build something else?

I was able to find the extensions library. I need to be able to use dynamic libraries, however, so I changed the CRT settings for all the project in source\compiler and rebuilt the solution, but I still get the error stating that the MTd does not match MDd. Do you know why this might be happening?