How to make a clone from 2048X2048(2K Monitor) to the other Montor?

I’m using RHEL(Redhat)6 for OS with the Nvidia Quadro.
I wanna use a 2K monitor(master) and the other monitor for a clone(slave).
Although I googled it, cannot find any solution about this situation.
How can I configure the xorg.conf?
Could you help me out with this problem?

ah , we don’t use any GUI for this system as well so we need to solve this through CLI.

use something like this:
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DFP-0 --mode 2048X2048 --output DFP-1 --same-as DFP-0 --mode 2048X2048
You will have to set the DISPLAY variable right.
Are you sure the resolution is 2048X2048?