How to make object centering

I import a car model into omniverse, and find out all the parts are not centering by it self, instead they are centering by the center of the whole car, for example, the front window of a car, is centering by the whole car which is not what i wanted.
Is there any solution to make them centering by themselves?

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hello @terryzhv83 - Thanks for reaching out to us. I have informed the support team about your post.

Hi, I make a extension for this purpose, anyone who need it, checkout this [GitHub - terryaic/omniverse_objectcentering]

Hi @terryzhv83

Should I put the whole omniverse_objectcentering-folder under this folder?
%localappdata%\ov\pkg\create-2021.3.6\kit\exts\ <here??>

Can you explain how it is supposed to work?
I tried on an example that looks like this - but no matter if I try to center Xform or Sphere, nothing happens

When I close the extension-window, where can I find it again? Under Extension, I can see it is still Enabled.

Do you think you could provide more centering options, like root at Z bottom for example?

hi, sorry for the late response.

  1. yes, location is correct.
  2. I am not sure what is happening at your side, but it should be working if the sphere is a mesh.
  3. That could be a limitation of the extension, the only solution is to disable and re-enable the extension so far as i known.
  4. Looks like useful, I would add it to my to-do list, but not likely be done soon.