XForm Pivot does not center on selected object

When trying to move objects around in Create with something selected, we’re finding that the XForm’s pivot moves away from the center of the object, making object movement in Create slightly more involved.

We’re running Create version 2022.1.4, and the workstation specs are as follows:

CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core I5 - 11400F @2.60 GHz 6 cores
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (12GB)

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @natalia1. Do you have a simple example stage that demonstrates the issue?

Hi @mati-nvidia , This is a small example of the issue. When we click on the parent Xform, “Road”, the pivot is centered properly, but when we click on the child (as shown in the image), the gizmo/pivot is completely detached from the selected Xform. Thanks for replying!

That’s potentially expected. Parent Xforms will not remain centered on the geometry as you apply transformations to child transforms because each Xform has it’s own pivot and position in space. You could add a pivot TransformOp to reposition an Xform’s pivot if you need to.

I would need to look at the stage myself to make any further comments on your particular situation.