Xform in replicator is not controlled

I am learning the content of the replicator. I added an Xform according to the case, and I checked the type, which is the same as the type in the case. But when I run it for data collection, it is not under my control and cannot be random. I can’t find the reason and would love some help.`Preformatted text

import omni.replicator.core as rep
from omni.isaac.core.utils.stage import add_reference_to_stage
from omni.isaac.core import World, prims
import numpy as np
import omni

with rep.new_layer():
    camera = rep.create.camera(position=(67, 0, 0))

    render_product = rep.create.render_product(camera, (1024, 1024))

    torus = rep.create.torus(semantics=[('class', 'torus')], position=(0, 0, 0))

    sphere = rep.create.sphere(semantics=[('class', 'sphere')], position=(0, 0, 0))

    cube = rep.create.cube(semantics=[('class', 'cube')], position=(0, 0, 0))

    car5 = add_reference_to_stage("/D:/OM/car/car5/car5.usd", prim_path="/Replicator/car5")
    stage = omni.usd.get_context().get_stage()
    car5 = stage.GetPrimAtPath("/Replicator/car5")
    car5 = prims.XFormPrim(f"/Replicator/car5")
    car5.set_local_pose(np.array([1, 2, 3]))
    car5 = rep.get.prim_at_path("/Replicator/car5")

    with rep.trigger.on_frame(num_frames=10):
        with rep.create.group([torus, sphere, cube,car5]):
                position=rep.distribution.uniform((-10000, -10000, -10000), (20000, 20000, 20000)),
                scale=rep.distribution.uniform(0.1, 2))

    # Initialize and attach writer
    writer = rep.WriterRegistry.get("BasicWriter")

    writer.initialize( output_dir="D:\OM\out_put", rgb=True,   bounding_box_2d_tight=True)



Hi there,

I can confirm that there is an issue on grouping the prim_at_path node, a workaround would be to separate them in another:

with rep.create.group([torus, sphere, cube]):
with car5:

Here is a short working script using a traffic cone usd:

import omni
from omni.isaac.core.utils import prims
from omni.isaac.core.utils.nucleus import get_assets_root_path
import omni.replicator.core as rep

CONE_URL = "/Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/Props/S_TrafficCone.usd"
assets_root_path = get_assets_root_path()
cone_prim = prims.create_prim(prim_path="/World/Cone", usd_path=assets_root_path + CONE_URL)
cone_node = rep.get.prim_at_path(str(cone_prim.GetPath()))

torus = rep.create.torus(position=(0, 0, 1))
cube = rep.create.cube(position=(0, 0, -1))

with rep.trigger.on_frame():
    with rep.create.group([torus, cube]):
    with cone_node:

UPDATE: Workaround will not be required starting isaac sim version 2023.1.0

UPDATE: issue should be fixed in the following isaac sim 2023.1.0 release.

@ahaidu Thank you very much for your reply. It helped me overcome this confusion. According to your method, it is already working normally.

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