Create Feature request - Pivot points

I was watching the Create tutorial and it was showing how you can create primitives and place them in the scene etc. Back then I thought that “Create” was a replacement for apps like Maya. (Suggestion: Maybe rename this app “Compose” since Create is very misleading considering you can’t actually create anything in Create)

Anyway, so I went into Create to block out a scene, I placed a cube, tried to scale it upwards from the bottom and after half an hour of searching the menus, going to the “tutorials” and coming here to the forums I found that there is no way to adjust the pivot points. Guh… That was a bit of a letdown…

Even though Create is only a composition tool and has nothing at all to do with actually creating anything, it would have been a nice option to toggle the pivot point of the primitive (and by extension any mesh in the scene) between “center” and “base”.

Placing something then adjusting the scaling on it and then having to re-place it seems like an unneeded extra step to add to every scaling operation. Does this only apply to primitives created in Create only? I don’t know… I was frustrated with wasting half an hour of my life trying to scale a cube so I rage quit and went back to Maya to do my scene composition. 😅

Hello mybadstudios,

Thank you for your suggestions on how to improve Omniverse. ATM you are correct. There is no way of moving the pivot point of the objects created in Create. One work around you can try is to try these steps.

  1. Create Cube
  2. Move cube up so the bottom of the cube is touching the 0, 0, 0 position
  3. Create a XForm (Leave the Position on 0, 0, 0
  4. Drag the cube onto the Xform so the XForm is the parent
  5. Now scaling the the XForm should keep the bottom of the cube on the ground without the need to move it back up when scaling.

Hope this helps.