Pivot tool adjust axis *orientation*

The pivot tool is great to adjust the position of the origin via the x, y, z sliders.
However, I also need to adjust the orientation of the axis.
Should there be three additional sliders in the pivot tool? What recommended way am I missing to poperly allign both the origin and the axis orientation to a prim imported from CAD?
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@ljburtz1 i am just a fellow user, and just thinking outloud here, have you considered establishing a parent xform that has the exactly the orientation that you’d like so you have access to both pivots as opposed to trying to align the inherit mesh pivot?

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that’s a good idea indeed. feels like a workaround and setting up future pain managing additional transforms and objects in the stage tree. I wonder if I’m still missing something as to 'why adding a pivot to manage the translation is implemented out of the box, but not the pivot to manage the axis of this translation"

here’s another simplistic example: the axis orientation doesnt match the natural shape of the cylinder. I would like to rotate these axis (without creating another parent prim if possible).