Move manipulator


Is it possible to move the manipulator to the “center of the object”?


I have not found a way to move pivot point…but you can make a new plain empty xform and place it over your object, then you can drag your object inside this new xfrom, as a child.

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Assuming the issue is that the vertices of the Mesh are defined relative to the coordinate frame off to the left:
It should be possible to write a python script (maybe this already exists) that translates all the vertices of the Mesh to be relative to either a computed or manually specified center point. The vertex array of the Mesh can be accessed using USD… Working with USD Python Libraries | NVIDIA Developer

That is not to say we should not add this as a built-in capability in the future, but at present, without coding, Pekka’s suggestion is your best bet.

So you got a pivot point in your object. How is the Transform section look like in your property window? There is probably something like Translate:pivot and Translate:pivot -1 entries there(or similar names with pivot postfix). If you set either entries’ value to (0, 0, 0), you can move the pivot point to the center of your object.

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on today’s public version the Manipulator will be at the center of the bounding box of the object.
we have a new Pivot Feature in the next version that will both respect Pivot matrix if they are setup correctly in the USD file or enable you to add a Pivot to the object and move it around to align where you want it to be



So where is this manipulator? Does Omniverse automatically update to the public version? Not seeing a pivot tool but is much needed! Thanks!


So, almost a year later, did anyone figure out where this functionality is or if it has been implemented at all?

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Hey Steffen!

Currently you can generate a new pivot w/ the “Add” function in the property panel.

I’m looking at this internally to see if there are additional tools to make pivot placement easier.

Hi Steffen,
We are working on a suite of tools that will be available directly from the manipulator for things like Pivot, Multi- selection Pivot, World/Local Space, and Snapping. Here is a preview of what this is looking like. This is only a few of the options.

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This will be handy!! Thanks in adv.