How to make uart buad-rate work at about 8Mbps

Hi, Sir

In our design, we need to use UART0 & UART2 works at about 8Mbps, I found in the hardware design guide, the uart support up to 12Mbps, It seems the driver does not support buad-rate > 921600, How to make UART0 & UART2 works at higher buad rate?

Thank you!

hello liumiao,

may I know what’s your use-case for working with baud-rate at 8Mbps.


The use case is:

Nano uart <-> uart to 485 <-> LDS (point cloud data)
Nano uart <-> uart to 485 <-> Motion control Unit (STM32).

hello liumiao,

please refer to Technical Reference Manual, you’ll need to configure device clock sources to have higher baud-rate. you should also selecting proper divisor values for the MSB and LSB bits of the baud rate generator.

you might refer to below for default clock sources, and also adjust baud-rate settings.


Note that above 115200 you will very likely require two stop bits.