how to modify devname id in dts ??


i want to konw [ devname = “ar0231 30-0010” ], why is “30” ?? From what ?

i2c@3180000 {
		tca9546@70 {
			i2c@0 {
				ar0231_a@10 {
					compatible = "nvidia,ar0231";
					/* I2C device address */
					reg = <0x10>;

					/* V4L2 device node location */
					devnode = "video0";

					/* Physical dimensions of sensor */
					physical_w = "3.674";
					physical_h = "2.738";

					sensor_model = "ar0231";

               modules {
			module0 {
				badge = "ar0231_bottom_A6V26";
				position = "bottom";
				orientation = "1";
				drivernode0 {
					/* Declare PCL support driver (classically known as guid)  */
					pcl_id = "v4l2_sensor";
					/* Driver v4l2 device name */
					<b>devname = "ar0231 30-0010";</b>


30 is the i2c bus number.
0010 is the device address.




if remove tca9546@70 {
i2c@0 {
,directly hang to i2c@3180000(i2c1) ,

i should modify "ar0231 30-0010“  to "ar0231 1-0010“  ?


Your ar0231 node in your device tree should reflect the physical layout of the hardware. If it is on the i2c mux at address 0x70 then you probably do want it at i2c0. Keep in mind that the i2c mux driver will create a virtual bus.

To see the i2c busses:

sudo i2cdetect -l

When you know the correct bus number then you can list the devices on that bus with

sudo i2cdetct -y -r $I2C_BUS

You’ll see a table that lists addresses. If a device was detected at the address the address number is listed. If a device is detected that is already claimed by a device driver then UU will appear in place of the address.

If your ar0231 driver is communicating with the image sensor them dmesg | grep ar0231 will probably list the device name you are looking for. Depending on your ar0231 driver you may need to enable dynamic debug for it.