How to modify post processing using actor graph or Python

Hello everyone, I am using Isaac Sim, but I encountered a problem during the process. I would like to know how to modify Post Processing using Python or Actor Graph. I hope to receive some suggestions. Thank you very much

@Julie_A i am just a fellow OV user, but which post processing would you like to change? you likely could use the kit commands util extension to grab any snippets of params in the post processing section. but i am sure there is a more efficient way going about it, otherwise.

@Simplychenable Thanks for your reply, this is a complex issue for me. I want to modify the motion blur option. I want my camera to have motion blur when my robot changes direction. (There will be no blur when driving straight), and relevant data information (picture information) is collected. I’m not sure if there is a better way, but for now my idea is to change Post Processing to achieve it.

sounds like a complex circumstance.

i can’t say i know the best way to go about achieving what you are after, but below are a few kit commands that allows you to toggle on motion blur in post processing and the values for the three params. i am sure there are more elegant way going about these, so i’ll let the mods/devs chime in.

import omni.kit.commands

# toggle motion blur in post process
omni.kit.commands.execute('ChangeSetting', path='/rtx/post/motionblur/enabled', value=True)

# blur diameter fraction setting
omni.kit.commands.execute('ChangeSetting', path='/rtx/post/motionblur/maxBlurDiameterFraction', value=0.02)

# exposure fraction setting
omni.kit.commands.execute('ChangeSetting', path='/rtx/post/motionblur/exposureFraction', value=1.0)

# number of samples setting
omni.kit.commands.execute('ChangeSetting', path='/rtx/post/motionblur/numSamples', value=8)

@Simplychenable Thanks, it works. Thank you for your timely reply, which successfully helped me solve my doubts.

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