How to modify the position of line collision counting point of deep flow detection tracking box

I want to modify the default critical point count position in deepstream. Visually, the current collision count is located on the bottom boundary line of the detection box. I want to set the center line collision point of the detection box. How to modify code?

I use Python’s collision counting demon stration


  1. provide the setup info as other topic does
  2. file one issue for one topic to avoid mixed discussion

which plugin do you refer ? Can we reproduce it?

I’m not sure whether it’s a reasoning plug-in or a tracking plug-in. In short, what I want to achieve is to change the line collision count position from the lower border of the detection box to the center of the detection box

like this

Can you share the setup, app, pipeline etc?
May I know why you want collision detection point at the center instead of bottom specifically since logically it has to be far end of the car.

BTW, we will open source tracker in DS6.0GA that will be released in ~2 months.

The screenshot shows the effect I want. I’m looking forward to 6.0