How to perform real-time rate limiting per QP?

As is shown in, the application can perform rate limiting per QP. However, network manager may desire to perform real-time rate limiting, i.e., the application starts without rate limiting, then manager sets a QP within the limit of 5Gbps so that this QP can send packets with the rate no more than 5Gbps. I don’t know how to do that?

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We have several tools for performing rate limiting on Mellanox hardware.

For rate limiting using the Mellanox OFED please see the following article:

Mellanox switches also have tools for QOS and rate limiting. The following provides information on the topic :

For rate limiting on a linux level there is also the option of using the tc tool. Here is the man page:

I have not found any capability in network manager for rate limiting. For support related to network manager please contact Redhat.

If you have further questions or need further support please contact with a valid support contract and we can discuss the issue further.

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