How can I enable "packet pacing" on connectX-5 ?

How can I enable “packet pacing” on the connectX-5 ? With the command ibv_devinfo -v I get Packet_pacing_caps: qp_rate_limits_max: 0kbps I expect here the wire rate of the card.

I’m running FW 16.23.1020 on an x512A with OFED.linux- driver.

Thanks Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Packet Pacing is support on the ConnectX-5 from firmware version 16.20.1010 and higher. You can use the following Mellanox Community Document to configure ‘Packet Pacing’->

Even though the document mentions only ConnectX-4, the ConnectX-5 uses the same driver.

If you experiencing any new issues after enabling ‘Packet Pacing’, please open a Mellanox Support Case by sending an email to

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~Mellanox Technical Support