Setting up additional tx queues on Connect-X5

I have been trying the walkthrough on setting up packet pacing with a new connectx-5 card on an HPE Proliant running Debian Linux ( The driver on my card from ethtool -i eth4 says mlx5_core version 4.5-1.0.1

When I run ethtool -L eth4 other 1200 as in the tutorial, the command does I do not see any additional entries created in the /sys/class/net/eth4/queues/ files. The list only goes up to tx-23 (I believe this is the default because I have 24 cores).

So I cannot execute the next stage of the test which says to address /sys/class/net/eth4/queues/tx-310.

Has the procedure changed from ConnectX-4 to ConnectX-5 or are there any steps I may be missing to cause this not to work?

Hi Bill,

Packet Pacing is support on the ConnectX-5 from firmware version 16.20.1010 and higher. You can use the following Mellanox Community Document to configure ‘Packet Pacing’->

Even though the document mentions only ConnectX-4, the ConnectX-5 uses the same driver.

Packet Pacing page 62 in the user manual:

Make sure to use the supported system requirements:

  • MLNX_OFED, version 3.3.
  • Linux kernel 4.1, or higher.
  • ConnextX-4/Lx adapter.



I think my problem is probably that the installed Linux kernel is version 3.16, thank you for helping point this out.