How to put Jetaon nano on public IP so that it can be accessed remotely-URGENT

I have my Jetson nano 2GB working. Now I want to made it public so that my other colleagues from different locations can access it remotely.
How to put Jetson nano 2GB on Public IP…May guide… it is urgent…


Nano 2GB shall have public IP automatically if your ethernet environment can assign a IP to it.
This more like your office network setup issue… but not tegra related issue.

Let me ask you another question, is your colleague able to access any of your devices remotely now? Not limited to Jetson Nano. I mean all kinds of devices in your working location.

In addition to what @WayneWWW said, make sure all passwords are strong and not a default.

You might also want to add and configure the firewall via something like the ufw application ("sudo apt-get install ufw").

If you use a router which provides a private IP address then it is up to the administrator of that router to add forwarding rules to the Nano for the correct port(s). Normally that is port 22 TCP, but some people like to translate from port 8000 or something similar to port 22 due to the number of automated attacks which assume port 22.

I understand you don’t have a lot of time, but if you really want to do this long term and your colleagues are agreeable, then I’d say to limit all of the ssh access via ssh keys instead of via password.

You might also consider a clone of your work prior to opening this up. If something does happen, then you have a simple way to restore.

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