How to query UART working mode


After the system is started, how to check which mode UART works in

hello baijianping1989,

the UART controller supports both 16450 and 16550 compatible modes. The default mode is 16450 (non-FIFO mode).
please refer to Technical Reference Manual, you should check chapter-38, here’s UART FIFO Control and Interrupt Identification Registers for your reference,

Hi JerryChang,
I use uart3 for communicate.When use a PC computer timed transmission more than 5 bytes of data and sends a frequency of 10 Hz, TX2 receives no data or receives a lot of data at once, after a while, the computer crashed.
UART3 TX to RX test is normalI. I checked the TRM manual according to your suggestion and learned that UART is used for Bluetooth, but I don’t know why this problem is.

please refer to pinmux spreadsheets, you may have pin customization if necessary.