Jetson TX2 NX

The UART1 serial port of Jetson TX2 NX is turned off by default in the device tree,When the UART1 serial port is turned on and used in the device tree,Cutecom test, Can only send data, can not receive data, and prompt “command not found” may I ask why?

Hi @chao.zhang,

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Okay, thank you.

hello chao.zhang,

please check Jetson TX2 NX Product Design Guide, are you actually using pin-203, and pin-205 for communication?
for example,

PIN#  | Module Pin Name | Tegra X2 Signal | Usage/ Description |  Usage on DevKit
203   | UART1_TXD       |  UART3_TX       |  UART #1 Transmit. |  Expansion Header
205   | UART1_RXD       |  UART3_RX       |  UART #1 Receive   |  Expansion Header

please also check similar discussion thread for reference, TX2 NX RS232 Communication Problem - #14 by JerryChang

This problem is solved in this way, thank you!