How to reduce power consumption on a Quadro RTX 3000

nvidia-bug-report-2021-05-23.log.gz (849.6 KB)
Please advise me how to reduce the power consumption on my graphics card. It’s currently running at about 23W at idle, down from ~29 thanks to $__GL_ExperimentalPerfStrategy. The power level never goes lower than 2 out of 4 with Adaptve power setting. The card doesn’t support power limits.

I think I have found the cause for this excessive power consumption. With only the external monitor, it stays at about 5W; with both external and built-in monitors, 9W; and then when xrandr scaling is applied to the laptop screen, power consumption shoots to 22W. So there is likely a bug in scaling, either in xrandr or the GPU implementation of the scaling.