How to resolve error that timed out while polling for tx timestamp on ptp operation?

Dear Nvidia,

I use Jetson Orin and I want to synchronize the clocks of a slave sensor and the Nvidia Jetson Orin as master via linuxptp.
linuxptp link : GitHub - richardcochran/linuxptp at v3.1.x

the sensor and the Orin are connected directory via ethernet.
the configuration file that use for ptp is attached.

As like as the log file attached, I enter the command “sudo ptp4l -i eth1 -f gPTP.cfg -2 -m”
And I can see the log about send syhnc failed.

Could you please help let me know how to resolve this error?

“ptp4l[154.779]: timed out while polling for tx timestamp
ptp4l[154.780]: increasing tx_timestamp_timeout may correct this issue, but it is likely caused by a driver bug
ptp4l[154.780]: port 1: send sync failed
ptp4l[170.869]: port 1: FAULTY to MASTER on INIT_COMPLETE” (6.8 KB)

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We don’t have much experience on this use case, may other developers help to provide suggestions.