Orin ptp sync timeout

I am using the PTP function of orin’s 10G ethernet.

# Orin run as gPTP master
sudo ptp4l -i eth0 -m -f linuxptp/configs/automotive-master.cfg -l 7
#Ubuntu PC as gPTP slave
sudo ptp4l -i enp0s31f6 -m -f linuxptp/configs/automotive-slave.cfg

I see the process of ptp sync is weird, orin keeps printing “sync timeout” and after that it will wait 16 seconds to resync. The synchronization process on the ubuntu pc side is not stable, but intermittent.

This is the log on ubuntu pc side:

ubuntu-gptp-slave.log (640 Bytes)
orin-gptp-master.log (20.5 KB)
orin-wireshake.pcapng (20.1 KB)

Pls check and update the two parameters in your cfg and try again.

neighborPropDelayThresh 800000
tx_timestamp_timeout    1000

automotive-master-orin.cfg (710 Bytes)
automatic-master-1.pcapng (35.2 KB)
orin-gptp-master-1.log (13.2 KB)
Not only did this not work, but the sync message was never sent.

This required to be updated on both side.
We have checked it works fine for two orin devkit.

I modified the config file on the ubuntu pc side, again to no avail. I only have one orin here.

Please try with the JetPack 5.0.2GA release.


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