Orin 10G ptp slave

我们在测试ptp slave 的时候发现10G mgbe测试sudo ptp4l -i eth1 -m -H -s时报错,错误内容如下:
timed out while polling for tx timestamp
ptp4l[799.013]: increasing tx_timestamp_timeout may correct this issue, but it is likely caused by a driver bug
ptp4l[799.013]: port 1: send delay request failed
ptp4l[799.014]: port 1: SLAVE to FAULTY on FAULT_DETECTED (FT_UNSPECIFIED)
ptp4l[815.015]: port 1: FAULTY to LISTENING on INIT_COMPLETE
上面显示driver bug,但是我们使用rgmii eth0的时候能够正常同步,请问下是什么原因

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks