PTP between jetson agx orin and ubuntu laptop

We are trying to communicate between a jetson agx orin (master) and an Ubuntu laptop (slave) using ptp4l. There are errors that the clock jumped forward or is running faster than expected. This doesn’t happen when the Ubuntu laptop is used as the master. We haven’t used any configuration file for ptp.
The Jetpack version is 5.1-b147
The Ubuntu version on the laptop is 20.04.6
The ptp4l version is 3.1-00235-gc411770

The left terminal in the picture is from the Ubuntu laptop (slave), the right one is from the orin (master).

Could you help us with this?

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Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi, we haven’t resolved it yet, your support would be helpful.

You may refer to below thread to see if can help:

Be sure that “Before running PTP synchronization, first configure the ip address, and then confirm that they can ping each other.”

thanks for getting back. I tried all the steps mentioned in the other thread but we still have the clock jumping error…

This screenshot is from the slave machine, i.e., the Ubuntu laptop.