How to run an script

Hello, I’m new in the world of python and omniverse and I have a question that I’m afraid is going to be so dumb for all of you guys.

Having my USD project loaded already in the scene, how can I link scripts to the objects in the USD (for example a 6 joint robot in order to articulate it an controll it) and then run the scripts?

I saw in the documentation that to run a python script it is in the Isaac Sim root folder > ./python/sh {pathtofile}.py but doing this results in errors at importing everything (ImportError: underfined symbol).

I am having a huge confusion at understanding projects, custom scripts and extensions. It is better to create a single folder with all the usd and scripts as a whole project, or to create a custom extension and there add all the scripts, or to call the scripts from the other extensions?

I am so sorry but I am quite lost in the first step and I have been feeling useless. Thank you.

Hi there, if you can, posting your script or what you are trying to achieve will help in narrowing down the issues you might be facing.

For basic interaction and scripting going over the tutorials is always a good starting point, and incrementally building on top of them will help you get a better feel of the system.

Feel free to extend your post with any other questions.

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