How to run isaac sim simulator faster than the real world time

I use A1 robot from unitree in omniverse isaac sim 2022.1.0 version.
Whenever I run the robot, it moves slower compared to the real A1 hardware robot.

Meanwhile, I’ve used ‘time scale’ parameter in Gazebo before to run simulator faster than the wall clock time.
Is there any parameter in Isaac Sim that corresponds to the ‘time scale’ of Gazebo?

I’ve adjusted the physical dt and rendering dt but it didn’t affect the speed of simulator.
I also looked for the parameter ‘max num step’ but it was not in the isaac sim 2022 version.

Thank you!

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Hi @kenloumixx1 - Maybe this thread will be helpful to you. How often is world.step called normally? What is the relationship between real time and simulation time?