How to run Line crossing and ROI in Deepstream


Have jetpack 4.4 and Deepstream 5.0 installed on jetson nano.
Testing this app apps/sample_apps/deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test followed README file and started the app as told

$ ./deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test [uri2] … [uriN]

It works if started.

But now i want to use the same for my config app but unable to integrate, how to get it working, tried adding [secondary-gie2] and gave the path to config_nvdsanalytics.txt but still it doesn’t work.

How can we run both the configs together i.e.

because first has the inference and second has the line and ROI properties.

You can wait for DS 5.0 GA and analytics plugin is integrated in deepstream-app

ok when will be Deepstream 5.0 GA be available ?


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Great got it working

Added this to my custom config deepstream file

Is there a python source app for this, and can we use nvdsanalytics with python also or is it limited to C++ as of now


@bcao i was able to get the plugin working in python and can see working in output window but i am not able to access the meta-data, there is no casting function in documentation too, is it something we will have to wait for python only available to c at the moment ?