How to run on jetson Xavier a custom project developed on GPU server

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nvidia GPU 2060 super
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follow the steps I describe
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Hello everyone.
I have been developing a deepstream application on a GPU server and now it is time to deploy it on Jetson.
Thing is there is no devel docker for jetson and there are some things I had to install on the development server, like

So, is there any docker image where all those tools and pluggins are already working or any tool for compiling libraryes and pluggins?
Can I cross-compile my projetc, pluggins, and libs on the server and then just copy them to the jetson?

Thank you.

no such docker provided, user need to do incrementally installation.

Jetson Linux API Reference: Setting Up Cross-Platform Support is a reference guide for compiling Jetson Multimedia Low Level SDK.
But, for cross-compiling DeepStream, in theory, yes, you can, but you will need to solve some link issues for that.