How to see which components on Xavier board supports ecc and enable them

We are trying to compare ecc on tx2i and jetson Xavier boards. How to find out which components (cpu, gpu, memories, DRAM etc) have ecc on Xavier board. On tx2i dram and cpu have ecc enabled.

How can we enable ecc on Jetson Xavier board.

Hi bansaladiti001,

Jetson AGX Xavier does not have ECC DDR memory, so there isn’t a way to enable it.

However it does use ECC protection in the on-chip L2/L3 caches, which is always enabled.


Just wondering if this conversation was referring to 16Gb boards, 32Gb boards, or both?

Also has this changed in with more recent Jetpack updates?

presently available all variants of jetson agx are non dram ecc enabled.
Industrial jetson agx will be available in 2021. It will be having dram ecc support along with other safety features.