How to send camera absolute time over gsteamer + rtsp

Hi ,

I am streaming rgb and depth camera frame over gstreamer to rtsp server on Nano. how could I send the camrea timestamp (absolute time) when remote client streaming it from the rtsp server. i knew that there is pts on the gstreamer buf but it looks like a relative time start from 0 .

The client is need synchronize depth and rgb frame based on the orignal system time on nano.


A simple way of starting RTSP server is to execute test-launch. We have an example in

However, it may not run as sending absolute time. The timestamping mechanism lies in gstreamer frameworks and suggest you go to

Gstreamer forum users should have more experience to share you suggestion and guidance. After you get a working pipeline with software encoder and decoder such as x264enc and avdec_h264, please replace them with nvv4l2h264enc and nvv4l2decoder to enable hardware acceleration.

hi DaneLLL

Thanks the test-launch. i think i just need figure out how to pass the absolute time.