How to set ISP bypass mode?

I’m using camera module that isp included.
I want disable isp when work my camera.
I saw v4l2 command “TEGRA_CAMERA_CID_VI_BYPASS_MODE” and it controlled by bypass_mode.
But still I’m not sure it is perfect way to disable it.

Is sensor driver or dtb has it’s configuration or code to set bypass_mode?
Or Is only be set by application like TEGRA_CAMERA_CID_VI_BYPASS_MODE? If then, please tell me related code as reference.

hello wooleeyang,

please check the camera software architecture, and please also refer to the table about the camera APIs.
you could check them via [NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package]-> [Development Guide]-> [Camera Development]-> [Camera Software Development Solution]

Hi JerryChang

Yes, I read that document. I know that concept, but still I can’t understand. I mean that don’t know how to handle it in code level.

There are some note like below in that document. but it is just explain of path.
CSI cameras, with integrated ISP and USB camera, can work in ISP bypass mode. Provided ISP support is available for Jetson Developer Kit (OV5693) RAW camera module.
Additional ISP support for other camera modules are supported using third party partners.

If I don’t use “Libargus”, Does it mean isp bypass mode?

Sorry about my lack of knowledge.

hello wooleeyang,

correct, you’re able to access the camera via standard v4l2-ctl to bypass ISP.
you may also refer to below VI kernel driver to understand the buffer handling.


hello , vendor

I am now using Jetson AGX and focus on v4l2 path

I think VI and ISP are two different things , thus , bypass VI means bypass ISP??

thank for suggession