new camera porting help.

try to porting new camera.
can i try under attached pictures?

plz reply!!!

In your pic #4, what is making different between the 2nd case and the 3rd case?

If you are reusing ov5693 configuration for your new sensor, please ensure you have modified the capabilities accordingly,
such as, resolutions, format, framelength and etc.

thank you for your reply.

digging digging…

My camera seems to use direct v4l.

not use Tegra ISP

is it right?

We can support both utilizing ISP and bypassing ISP mode.

your v4l document is for R23.3 version

can i use R24.2 byoass isp mode ?

Sure, it’s based on media controller framework, thus you can use standard v4l2 app to capture or stream.