Bypass ISP on AGX developement kit

hi vendor:

I read the Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide/camera API matrix.
It reveals that if sensor is with ISP, it is recommended to use v4l2 path and ISP on AGX is bypassed.

All I need to know is:

  1. Is this default kernel config??
  2. where is the corresponding code flow??
  3. there is TEGRA_CID_BYPASS_VI ioctl command in driver, is this means bypass ISP?? I think VI and ISP are different functions

Thanks for suggession

Current L4T camera driver have two mode bypass_mode=0/1,
0: NVCSI->VI->memory (v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0) or capture by v4l2src or V4L2 API implement API
1: ARGUS base APP like argus_camera or nvarguscamerasrc …

For YUV sensor have external ISP recommend to use bypass_mode=0

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